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  • Initial Consultation

    There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to genuine wellbeing. We all have our own specific life-circumstances and individual needs. This 90 min, one-on-one consultation is about developing the nutritional support plan that will best help you reach your potential. Good health is a journey, this will be your road map.

  • Individual Meal Plan Development

    Throughout the course of an initial consultation we will together gather the relevant data and information required to tailor a meal plan fitted within your personal and specific nutritional goals, requirements and lifestyle. A follow up consultation is offered for the delivery of the meal plan. This consultation is designed to provide a thorough educational insight into the nutritional mechanics of the plan as well as how to successfully implement the plan into your lifestyle. Each plan is delivered with supporting Clean Life Nutrition recipes cards for any of the meals added. Advice on meal planning, preparation ideas and techniques will also be offered for discussion in the meal plan's delivery process.

  • 12 Week Individual Guidance Plan

    This program will include An initial 90 minute consultation. A complete and personalised meal plan tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. The program will be designed to fit into your desired food budget, your individual food preparation/cooking skills and your lifestyle's time restraints. 3 follow up and tailored consultations. Inevitably, your needs will change throughout this journey and we will decipher and include what is needed at the time of these sessions. We may include, evaluating and celebrating your progress markers and achievements, making any alterations or adjustments in order to adapt to your progression, help with meal planning, shopping or cooking lessons. Whatever your needs, we will cover them! Unlimited text and email communications throughout your journey. We all require a different amount of help, communication and encouragement during an individual health journey. I will be contactable throughout the entire 12 week period... Think of me as your new best foodie friend, here whenever you need! Optional access and admission to all monthly Clean-Life workshops for the duration of your plan. Like minded people will make a great addition to your journey. All Clean-Life workshops will provide knowledge, support, advice and connection! Ongoing access and approval to join the Clean-Life community fb foodies group. An online group designed to share your experiences, ask questions and collect any hints and tips along the way, once you've joined, stay as long as you like. You will always be a part of the Clean-Life community.

  • Follow up Consultation.

    Along any journey, regular breaks to refresh and refuel will ensure smooth and successful travel. This 60 min, one-on-one consultation is designed to evaluate how well your plan is working for you and together we will discuss, fine tune and make any adjustments needed.

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