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The Clean-Life Story

Kellye O'Brien

Registered Nutritionist


I'm a foodie at heart and have always loved to cook!

15 years ago, when I first changed my own diet in order to provide a more wholesome and nutritious  lifestyle for my growing family and to feel better about myself, I had to think quickly! I had a busy family to feed and there wasn't any time for cooking new or difficult meals. I quickly learned to create whole food versions of my family's already favourite foods. I started sharing my recipes with my friends and then online and the rest as they say is history!


















Whatever the initial goal is that you have, whether you need to lose weight, find solutions to living with allergies or intolerances, enhance sporting performance through improved nutrition or boost general health and wellbeing within your busy lifestyle, I can help you learn how to achieve sustainable results... and make it all taste good!

When you really learn about and experience what honest real food can do for yourself and your body, it all becomes very simple.

I can help you!

Hi, I'm Kellye.

Registered Nutritionist

I'm a wife and Mum to a busy family of six in Brisbane's beautiful bayside suburb, Wellington Point. I love to cook and create whole food recipes to share with friends and family. It's a happy life that I never take for granted.


My passion for holistic health and nutrition began years ago when I started the quest to find a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.  The results were instantaneous! 


Life felt easier, everyone was happier, my children were thriving and those everyday problems were hardly an effort anymore. Health was addictive!


After witnessing my family's totally positive transformation, I'm now truly passionate about nutrition. I just can't help but want to share the word! I want to help other families find true health through the power of good food and nutrition just like we did.


I can't wait to share all I've learnt. I can guide you and your family onto the truly rewarding path of health and wellbeing.


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What I Specialise In

12 week individual nutritional guidance and weight management plans.

Wholefood cooking and recipes, kitchen organisation and meal planning.

Family diet and lifestyle changes.

Gut Health, digestion and metabolism.

Individual and group meal plans.

The journey towards health begins on the path of commitment.

Begin your journey and make a booking today!

Kellye is the most genuine and down to earth person I have ever met. Kel has a true passion for clean eating and longevity. If you are wanting nutritional guidance, variety or more education on food then Kellye is your go to! 

- Nate Devlin

I was introduced to Kellye and followed one of her meal plans when I completed my gym's fitness challenge. Kellye is kind, supportive, encouraging and knowledgable. Her approach to food and nutrition encourages healthy living and long term results through education, I strongly recommend Clean-Life Nutrition for anyone wanting assistance with nutrition.

- Salina McCoskrie

Kellye has taught me that healthy food is actually good food! Kellye has helped my entire family view food and prepare food differently. Her simplistic whole food and honest recipes are definitely crowed pleasers. Even my kids love them!

- Cheryl Baker

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